Wall Sawing

Capable of cutting 24" thick concrete or masonry walls from one side ensuring an accurate cut each time. Call us today about you wall sawing needs.

  • Door openings
  • Window openings
  • Suspended slabs
  • Shear walls
  • Lintel Installation
  • Duct openings


Slab Sawing

We have to ability to cut up to 17" in depth in a variety of materials from roads, bridge decks, parking lots, structural slabs, & asphalt. Interior sawing up to 12" in depth with an electric slab saw eliminating exhaust fumes and focusing on air quality of the work space.

  • Plumbing & Electrical trenches
  • Green sawing
  • Decorative Sawing
  • Elevator pits
  • Stair openings
  • Floor boxes
  • Hand sawing


Core Drilling

Core drilling for pipes, conduit, manholes and other large diameter openings are our speciality. We can effectively core holes to any depth, at any angle.

Wire Sawing

Wire rope sawing allows us the ability to cut concrete at depths much greater than wall sawing or slab sawing. Cutting columns, thick concrete walls, or large concrete beams are no problem for wire rope.

Concrete Polishing

We are a member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America and our employees are trained on removal to prep a slab for new flooring or polishing concrete to a high gloss finish.

Selective Demolition

Specialty Demolition can perform selective demolition services for any type of project from large renovations to tenant build outs.

Our employees have over 30 years combined demolition experience and follow safe practices ensuring a quality job every time.